Fitted Kitchens

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Fitted Kitchens – every home should have one!   Health in the kitchen is not just about food and cooking it is also related to the materials used and the design of the kitchen.

In this blog we take a look at some key places to make healthy decisions when it comes to fitted kitchen design.   The kitchen is often the most important room in the house and it is vital to get it right.   When it is right you will find that it is the room where you and your family spend most of your time.

  • fitted kitchensCabinets
    ? – Cabinetry is expensive and takes a beating in a much-used kitchen. Cabinet finishes must be tough and durable. Often,cabinet finishes contain high VOC’s, which can off-gas into the air for a long time. Look for natural wood seals and paints for your kitchen.

  • Natural Light? – Bringing daylight into your kitchen means you rely less on electric lighting. This can reduce heat build-up, and reduce your energy bill, and make you feel healthier and more alert. Consider ways to treat your windows that let daylight in (like window films and translucent washable window shades).  This will  reduce glare and heat gain. If you’re lucky enough to be designing a fitted kitchen from scratch,?windows over the sink? or windows that run low to the ground provide perfect natural task lighting and lighten your mood.

  • Countertops -?Choose a material that is non-porous and easily cleaned in wet and prep areas. Wood counter-tops are terrific for other parts of the kitchen left natural, simply maintained with mineral oil. Some woods have more suitable properties than others for dealing with the day to day wear and tear of a modern working kitchen counter top.
  • Layout? – A sensible and efficient layout of kitchen floor-space, storage, appliances, and work zones will allow you to fit more into a smaller footprint.  Small homes use less material and consume less energy in the long run but are a bigger challenge for the designer.       It is vital to consider everyone’s needs when designing a fitted kitchen.  The cook and chat concept is very popular.  Most people need the assistance of a good designer to balance all the needs and desires of a modern fitted kitchen.

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